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  1. The Wodeyars of Mysore had a chequered history and began their rule as a laudatory power under Vijaynagar Empire. Having established their power in the 15th Century, the Wodeyars continued for long after the Battle of Talikota and ruled until 1757, when during the reign of Kantheerava Narasaraj Wodeyar II, Hyder Ali who in the service of the King’s army, usurped the throne and declared himself the King. Srirangapattana was the earlier capital of the Wodeyars, which later on was transferred to Mysore.
  2. Under the Dewanship of Stalwarts like Pumaiah, Sir Mokshagundaum Vishveshwaraya, Sir Mirja M. Ismail and others, the benevolent and cultured rule of the Wodeyars made rapid and remarkable progress in art and literature, trade and commerce, irrigation, industry, railways and communications, etc.
  3. Bangalore, known as the “City of Gardens”, the Kannamabadi Dam, the Brindavan Gardens, the Mysore Palace, the Annual Dasara Procession, etc. speaks highly of the cultural taste and patronage of the Wodeyars.
  4. During the British regime, the princely Mysore State was considered to be a “Model State” in India and Mahatma Gandhi called it “Rama Rajya”.

Logo & Motto:

” Second to none. ”

House Administration:

House Report:

The way the house is looked upon depends on the performance of the house, and this year we the Wodeyars have boosted our self-esteem by our scintillating performance throughout the year.

We the Royals believe that god has put us on this earth to be extraordinary. We started this year with a good note by bagging runners up trophy in volleyball and basketball. We proved our physical strength and stamina by bagging 2nd place in obstacle race. We the royals always believe in working hard, this year we have contributed 12 south zone players, 1 inter zonal player and Nehru Cup player.

The Royal house where excellence is way of life gives top most priority to academics. This year we have produced 14 star holders. 2 of them –cdt.Girish and cdt.Nandakishore are triple golden star holders. With this we the Royals stand 1st in academics.

The spirit of Kannada flows in the blood of Royals. This year we have swept all the Kannada competitions in senior category. Cdt.Anil and cdt.Puneet are Kannada literary pop stars of school. Cdt.Puneet has bagged 2nd prize in Kannada debate and elocution and 1st in Kannada essay writing.

Cdt.Anil has bagged fisrt prize