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  1. ‘The glory and rule of the Vijayanagar represents the era of a civilization, when the Spring and Summer of Indian Culture had been succeeded by a phase of civilization characterised by the rise of a new industrial system, an imperialism, and a city state with a highly urbanized civilisation.”
  2. The Vijayanagar Kingdom had a glorious history from 1336 to 1565 A.D. It was founded by Harihar Raya and Bukka Raya with its capital at Hastinapur of Hampi or Vijayanagar. During this period, it was ruled by three dynasties, viz., the Sangam Dynasty, the Saluva Dynasty and the Tuluva Dynasty.
  3. The Vijayanagar Kings patronized art and litera¬ture. Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada literature were encouraged by them. Krishnadeva Raya, the greatest of the Vijayanagar Kings was a great scholar himself in Telagu and his court was adomed with ‘Ashtadiggaja’ the eight eminent poets.
  4. The capital city Hampi was fabulously rich. The Persian traveller Abdul Razaak eulogised it in every glorious terms.
  5. The temples, decorated with paintings and sculp¬tures and other monuments in Hampi are the standing testimony of the grandeur and glory of the Vijayanagar Kingdom. It stood like bulwark of the conservation and preservation of the glorious culture of India and Hindu Dharma against the Muslim onslaught in the medieval India.

Logo & Motto:

“Quest for victory”.

House Administration:

House Report:

The year started with the warming up session for the victorious Vijayas by being runners up in hockey and football, which broke the age old tradition in hockey tournament. Our era started with the Volleyball trophy which happened to be the first one of a long sequel.

We created impression such that the word Vijayas provoked the thought of chain of trophies. November month was the golden period for the victors. Michael Jordan once said, “Talent wins you games but team work wins you the championship”. Our house was the perfect blend of both which resulted in  winning athletic trophy. Cadet Sahebgouda, Vijay, Vijayreddi, Uday Kumar, Rajesh and Sangamesh were the key athletes of the house and. We were the champions of the Annual athletic meet wherein we bagged maximum number of medals and Cadet D. Rajesh proved his abilities and bagged the title of General Champion which came back to vijayanagar house after a decade .

The house has produced hockey wizards Cadets Basavaraj and Vijay who were part of prestigious School Interzonal hockey team which eventually participated in Nehru cup hockey tournament. Cadets Rajesh , Vijayareddy, Maruti and Sunil participated in IPSC football tournament.

Cadet Vijay and Ravi secured 2nd and 3rd place respectively in cross country. Thus we completed our hat-trick of trophies. We added another feather to our cap by bagging first place in obstacle race and Cadet Rajesh stood first in it. Our juniors were a helping hand to us as they secured second position in swimming competition

To find us you must be good,

To catch us you must be fast,

But to beat us gentleman;

You must be kidding……….


We entered hall of fame not just in sports but also excelled in co-curricular activities.we started our quest in co-curricular activities by winning prestigious Inter house English debate competition for Seniors. Cadet. Ramanand Kulakarni secured the first place who eventually represented School in Southzone debate competition held in Sainik School Kazakootam, wherein school bagged runners up trophy. We secured first place in English  elocution and Cadet Siddu made us all proud by securing first prize. Our inspired juniors also did well in the stage events as they secured first place in sanskrit recitation. Cadet Dhruva and Cadet Prajwal stood 1st and 2nd respectively. Our juniors also secured 2nd in kannada elocution and Cadet Prajwal of class 8th stood first.

We brainy Vijayas have shown our grit by coming 2nd in the quiz contest. As academics is index of excellence,Cade. Sahebgouda scored 90.8% in CBSE class XII board exam. The house has produced many academic stalwarts. Cadet. Ramanand Kulakarni was overall topper in class X whose parents had the privilege of being the Guest of honour sharing the dais with the principal. Cadet Sunil Aralikatti has been topping his class in maths for consecutive three years and is known as maths wizard of the school. Cadet Tavagad Ravi has topped in computer science. We have totally 15 star holders. 2 of them are triple golden star holders –Cadet Ramanand and Cadet Sunil.

We, the valorous Vijayas produced 15 South Zone players. Ramanand was the South Zone Debater and Cadet Vijay B P participated in Southzone Quiz Competition. Cadet Kiran of class 10th attended 12 NCC camps and 1 NCC National Game (shooting).

In the beginning our challenges were high, our dreams were new,

World out there was waiting for us,

We dared to dream, we dared to try,

No goal too distant……No star was too far,

That’s how we get going……………

No matter what we have been through,

We are still here,

We have a history of victory.

If someone says that he always lives in the life of excellence then either he is lying or he is a victor…