» Training Programme

NCC Training is integral part of Sainik School curriculum. Hence it is mandatory for all cadets including day scholars to be in NCC.
Training activities in Drill, WT, Field Craft, Firing, Aero Modelling, Ship Modelling and adventure activities are carried out as per the training programme.
SSB classes and training in Obstacle Course are also conducted for the senior cadets in order to enable them for the entry into the Defence Forces.
With a view to create awareness on the environment, tree plantation drive and other eco friendly activities are carried out.


‘A’ CERTIFICATE (Unit Level)
Cadets of class X appear for ‘A’ Certificate Examination in the month of February every year.
Eligibility Criteria:-

  1. Should have 75% attendance in parades.
  2. Should have attended atleast one camp.

Subjects :-

  1. Weapon training
  2. Map reading
  3. Drill
  4. NCC Organisation


Cadets of class XI appear B certificate examination in the month of February every year. It is conducted by the NCC Group Ballari.

Eligibility Criteria:-

  1. Should have 75% attendance in parades.
  2. Should have attended atleast one camp.

Subjects :-

  1. Weapon training
  2. Map reading
  3. Drill
  4. NCC Organisation


  1. Annual Training Camp
  2. National Integration Camp
  3. Army Attachment Camp
  4. Republic Day Camp
  5. Thal/Vayu/Nau Sena Camp
  6. Adventure Camps
  7. Youth Exchange Programme

Training A Section

Preparation and publication of Training Directive.

All matters concerning training of Cadets.

Attachment training of cadets with regular units.

Social Service and Community Development.

Syllabus for training of cadets.

Training Budget.

Grievances pertaining to training during Camps.

Parliamentary questions pertaining to Training Directorate.

Attendance in Camps for General Proficiency and Achievement Competition.

Publication of Cadet’s Hand Book.

Coordination of Training Directorate at HQ DGNCC.

Printing of certificate and distribution of medals for Centrally Organised Camps.

Planning of Centrally Organised Camps.

Oversee implementation of NCC as an elective subject.

Personnel& disciplinary matters of Civilian Staff of Training A section.

Conduct of conference and meetings within Training Directorate.

Process training issues raised in conference of all types including JSR&D and CAC.

Processing of cases for additional funds for Centrally Organised Camps with MoD.

Security of Headquarter DG NCC Camp.

All issues related to Air Wing Training to include

Air Wing Training Syllabus, Air Wing Cadet’s Hand Book
All matters pertaining to Microlight flying, Aero-modelling, and conversion/ currency/ flying practice of Air Force Officers posted to NCC Air Squadrons
Issue of Air Wing Instructions to all State Dtes on operational matters
Scrutinize and process all NCC entry applications for commissioning courses in Air Force.
Attachment trg with Air Force Stations and with AFA.
Conduct of All India Vayu Sainik Camp (AIVSC)
Youth Exchange Programme

Selection of officers and cadets and dispatch to YEP Countries.
Orientation Camp for outgoing NCC delegations.
Conduct visit of foreign officers and cadets to India.
Any other duty related to foreign cadets.
Liaison with Ministry of Defence and Foreign Missions regarding Youth Exchange Programme.

Training B Section

All training matters pertaining to Officers Training Academy Kamptee and Gwalior.

All matters concerning training of Officers, Permanent Instructional Staff and Cadets.

Syllabus for training of Officers,  Permanent Instructional Staff.

Civil Defence  and Disaster Management. Courses

Grievances pertaining to Courses for Trainers.

Conduct of Certificate Exams and issue of Certficates as per SNCCO 3/5/96.

SNCCO 3/5/96

Secretary Republic Day Camp.

Standing Orders/Instructions for Republic Day Camp.

Planning, preparation and execution Republic Day Camp.

All matters relating to Remount and Veterinary Corps.

NRAI and Shooting Competitions.

NCC Special Entry Schedules.

SSB Coaching for NCC cadets and Induction into Armed Forces.

All Sports activities in NCC incl planning, preparation and conduct of NCC National Games.

Personnel & disciplinary matters of Civilian Staff of Training B Section.