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  1. The period from 700 A.D. to 1 000 A.D. constitutes a brilliant epoch in the political and cultural history of ancient Karnataka. During this period Rashtrakootas dominated the scene and richly contributed to the political and cultural history of India. No other empire in India wielded so great an influence on northern India,like that of the Rashtrakootas during these three hun¬dred years.
  2. The Rashtrakootas began their political career as feudatires of the Chalukyas of Badami and ultimately they founded their own dynasty in the middle of the seventh century replacing the Chalukyas. The founder of the Rashtrakoota dynasty was Dantidurga, a monarch of remarkable and brilliant abilities. They ruled from Malakhed of Gulbarga District of Karnataka. The last ruler Indra III was ultimately overthrown by the Chalukyas, who once again regained their supremacy over the Deccan.
  3. The glorious reign of Rashtrakootas saw at once the flowing of literary activity both in Sanskrit and Kannada. There were a number of noted Sanskrit writers and poets, of them, mention must be made of Trivikrama, the author of ‘Naiachampu” Halayudha, the Jaina Scholars like Veerasena, Jainasena, Gunabhadra and Mathematician Mahaveer were in this age.
  4. The Rashtrakoota period witnessed the growth of Kannada language and literature. The Kannada works were produced by the Jain Poets. The illustrious King Amoghavarsha Nrupatunga was a great scholar and was the author of Kavirajmarga, the earliest treatise on poetics in Kannada. Kavichakravarthi Ponna was another great poet of this period. Pampa, the greatest among the classical Kannada poets, was patronised by Arikesari, the feudatory of Rashtrakoota. ‘Adipurana and Vikramarjuna Vijaya’ are his two great works. Temples andAgraharas were the centres of learning.
  5. Rashtrakootas were the followers of Vaishnavism. They had the emblem of ‘Eagle’. Jainism was the religion with royal patronage.
  6. By their splendid contributions the Rashtrakootas have created a unique position in the field of art, architecture and sculpture. The famous rock-cut shrines at Ellora and Elephanta belong to this period. The celebrated temple of Kailasa at Ellora  also belong to this period. The celebrated temple of Kailasa at Ellora and Elephanta , built during about 100 feet in height, this not only is the most stupendous single work of art executed in India, but also an example of rock architecture.
  7. The rock cut temples at Elephanta Island, near Mumbai is another outstanding monument of the period. The Trimurthi Sculpture at Elephanta in particular praise¬worthy.
  8. Through, much of the temple – paintings of this period were lost by us, their fragments are even now seen in porch of the great temple of Kailasa at Ellora and the cuttings of the Mahesamurthi shrine at Elephanta.
  9. Thus, the Rashtrakootas would justify the statment, • the foremost contribution of the Rashtrakootas to the world of culture lay largely in the field of architecture and sculpture.”

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” Success, Nothing Less “.

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House Report:

Every cadet in lions den is really special. The atmosphere in the house is different. Even if lions stand second, others still proclaim that they have not done well because they know that lions always deserve 1st. That is the self esteem of Rashtrakuta house. It has been just 6 yrs of being a senior house, 3 best house trophies, 2 cock house trophies, 2 sports trophies and 4 NDA trophies that is the supremacy that lions maintain.

“Success, nothing else” the motto is imbibed in every heart of lion and has made us proud to perform well in all the events this year. The word maximum is most loved by the lions, because our house has been producing

  • Maximum number of south zone players-20.
  • Maximum number of Inter zone hockey players-7.
  • Maximum number of UPSC cleared cadets-8

And when it comes to NDA whole school looks towards Rashtrakuta house, 3 cleared SSB from present passing out batch, 2 more cleared from previous batch.

Our house has the sheer lunacy about general knowledge. Each cadet in our house maintains news book and this is why lions never bow their heads when it comes to the matter of quiz. We bagged first position in quiz competition for seniors and juniors bagged second position. Our house also has good orators. Our house stood 1st in English declamation for juniors, 2nd in Kannada elocution and 2nd in Hindi recitation for juniors.

Juniors also bagged 2nd position in both Hindi essay writing and drawing competition. We displayed our creativity by securing 2nd position in inter house wall magazine competition and the cadets of class 11th proved their talent by bagging 2nd position in Interhouse PowerPoint presentation competition.

We lions showcased our sportsmanship by securing 3rd position in football, volleyball and cross country and the young and dynamic budding juniors were also best contributors this year. These young garudas conquered the field by bagging 5 trophies, they are athletics, cross country, cricket, squash and 5-A-side football and they proved that they were best of the bests.

At last we the lions conquered the swimming trophy and entrenched the glory in aquatics. Some of our stout cadets showed off their mastery in swimming by bagging so many medals. Our house bagged 12 golds, 3 silvers and 1 bronze and our house is proud of cadet Siddhartha Reddy of class 11th who was adjudged as the general champion and he also broke number of records this year.

We the lions will always keep striving to be the winners in all fields.