» NCC-Organisation

NCC in Sainik School was introduced in the School in 1963. DG NCC has authorised total strength of 500 cadets for the JD in the School in the initial stage vide DG NCC letter No. 8030/DGNCC/ PLANNING dated 23 May 1973. Sainik School SD Coy NCC started in 2004 and 154 SD , 294 JD cadets naval wing 50 cadets and Air wing 50 cadets were authorised. Present authorised strength of cadets is 500 which is fully subscribed.


  1. To Develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country.
  2. To create a human resource of organised, trained and motivated youth to provide leadership in all walks of life and be always available for the service of the Nation.
  3. To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.


Sqn Ldr KJM Reddy



Deputy Director General (Training)

Conception, planning, coordination and monitoring of all training activities in NCC.

All matters concerning training of Officers, Permanent Instructional Staff and Cadets.

All training matters pertaining to Officers Training Academy Kamptee and Gwalior.

Attachment training of cadets with regular units.

Certification examination of cadets.

Safety and Security of cadets during training activities.

Training Budget.

Youth Exchange Programme.

Social Service and Community Development.

Adventure activities.

Syllabus for training of Officers, Permanent Instructional Staff and Cadets.

Grievances pertaining to training during Camps and Courses.

Parliamentary questions pertaining to Training Directorate.

Security of Headquarter DG NCC Camp.


All issues related to Naval Wing Training to include:-

  1. Naval Training Syllabus.
  2. Nau Sainik Camp & RD Naval Competitions.
  3. Naval oriented adventure training.
  4. Processing of applications for commissioning courses in the Navy.
  5. Cadet’s hand book (Naval Wing).
  6. Pre-Commission and Refresher Trg Course for Naval Wing ANOs and
  7. Refresher Course for Naval PI Staff.
  8. Foreign Cruise on board Coast Guard &Indian Navy Ships.
  9. Technical Camp Attachment.
  10. Sea Attachment and Sea Training.
  11. NCC Yachting Regatta.
  12. Attachment of Naval Wing Cadets at Naval Academy.

All issues related to Adventure activities to include:

  1. All  Army Oriented Adventure Trg activities of NCC cadets’ incl preparation of schedule, allocation of vacancies & allied matters.
  2. Preparation, plg and conduct of All India Trekking Expeditions,Mountaineering Expeditions per year for Boys and Girls cadets, Camel Safari and Para Basic Courses.
  3. Mountaineering Courses at  DMAS, Manali,  NIM, Uttarkashi, HMI, Darjeeling JIM & WS, Pahalgam and  Snow Skiing Course at IISM,Gulmarg.

Planning & preparation of budget and obtaining sanction for the adventure activities.

Processing of adventure activities conducted at State Dte level for which sanction of DGNCC is required.

Monitoring of parasailing & slithering activities during PM Rally.

Obtaining sanction for helicopters from AF and AAW for slithering during PM Rally.