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  1. The glory and rule of the Hoysalas which spread over a period of more than three centuries forms the brightest chapter in the history of medieval Karnataka. The Hoysalas began their rule as the judicatories of the Chalukyas of Kalyan. When their power was on the decline, Hoysalas asserted their independence and established their supremacy over Karnataka.
  2. Nripakama was the founder of the Hoysala dynasty. He is identified with ‘Sala’ from whom the dynasty derived its name. The dynasty produced illustrious monarchs like Vishnuvardhana, and Vir Ballala II who by their military exploits increased the power and prestige of the dynasty.
  3. The Hoysala period was known for great religious activity in Karnataka. The Great Vaishnava teacher, Ramanuja found refuge in the Hoysala Kingdom. Jainism was in a flourishing condition.
  4. The benevolent and cultured Hoysala rulers encouraged Kannada and Sanskrit literature.
  5. Their rule was remarkably admirable in the history of Indian art and they gave the name to their style of architecture – ’The Hoysala Style’. The temples of Belur, Halebid and Somanathapura are the standing testimony of their artistic excellence and architectural skills of their sculptors.
  6. Thus, the period of Hoysalas constitutes the glorious epochs in the history of Karnataka.

Logo & Motto:

“Nils Desperandum”

House Administration:

House Report:

It was a year of mixed fortunes for the hoysala house. We the Hoysalites, take pride in calling ourselves as roaring tigers. We are well known for our unity and strength and thus proving it by bagging the tug of war trophy in athletics. We bagged third position in aquatic competition. Cadet Sahil and cadet Bipul rocked the stage event by bagging 1st and 3rd position respectively in Hindi debate. We were runners up in Hindi elocution. Cadet Akshay of class XI bagged the 1st position in Kannada essay writing competition. Cadet Bipul, cadet Sahil and cadet Vinay represented our school IPSC drama competition held at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Cadet Ajay of class X represented our school in All India Mountaineering Expedition to Stok Kangri peak, Ladakh region, Jammu and Kashmir, conducted by Sainik Schools Society. Cadet Vikas, Rakesh, Aayan and Vishal represented our school IPSC Aquatic championship held at Coimbatore. Cadet Rahul of class X and Suraj of class IX were part of Narmada Sardar Sarovar NCC camp held at Rajpipla, Gujarat. Cadet Vinay and Chetan of class X participated in state level chess championship held at Huballi. And they were awarded with medals and certificates. Cadet Akshay and Anand participated in Royal Mysore Marathon held at Mysuru. We were third in Kannada debate and Kannada elocution respectively.

We were runners up in academics. We have 10 star holders. Cadet Ravindra of class XII won silver medal in 110m hurdles in athletics cadet Vishal of class 12 won silver medal in hammer throw competition, cadet Akshay and cadet karthik of class 11th participated in Interzonal hockey tournament and were a part of winning team. Our young and energetic juniors have also immensely contributed to the house. They were the champions in hockey. They won the aquatic championship. Cadet Vikas was adjudged general champion in aquatics. They were runners up in cross country.Two of our house cadets Sundeep and Akshay are double golden star holders.

Hoysala House has been doing extremely well in all fields and they hope to do even better in future.