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Astronomy Club

The astronomy club of the school helps the cadets to learn about space and celestial bodies. These cadets undergo sessions where they are taught how to handle the telescopes and even spend some of their evenings in stargazing. During these sessions they get to see far off objects closely with the help of telescope that school possesses. The teacher in-charge of this club ensures that the cadets were able to see most of the celestial events that had occurred through these telescopes. These experiences not only help them to learn but also have immense excitement. On annual day function of the school i.e. on 22 Dec. The cadets could showcase their creativity by exhibiting the working models, charts and movement of celestial bodies. They are taught about the big bang theory and the evolution of universe. Apart from theory classes, they learn about various constellations and the myths behind them. These teaching make the astronomy club very interesting. These cadets are thus equipped with the knowledge and skills to help fulfill their aspirations of becoming astronomers in the future.

Animation and Graphics club

Animation and graphics club accentuated creativeness and applicaton aspects with field of information technology which made the learning process more interesting apart from the classroom learning experience in group, use of technology and hand on experience on advanced software tools had been provided to the members of the club the activities undertaken are as follows:

  1. Learning basic concepts of photography editing and mastering the skills on image processing using adobe photoshop tool.
  2. Making minimalistic animations using frames and drawings to create simple aniatonsusing macromedia flash player
  3. Creating special and meaningful animations models using adobe 3-D Max 8.0 software.
  4. As a part of annual day celebrations he club members created GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) invitation using expertise in animation.
  5. An android app related to programme details of annual Day functions using QR Code (Quick Response Code) linking our school website (ssbj.in).
  6. Members of the club had advantage of explaining 3-d models of school infrastructure made by other cadets. This activity has motivated others to do similar kind of activities.
    The activities in this academic year were very fruitful to the club members. The facilities provided to the cadets have helped them to realise dreams and gain knowledge through new skills.

NDA Motivation & Public Speaking Club

The Club was active throughout the academic period and had fruitful engagement with the Cadets of Class XI and XII.Group Discussion was organised on Wednesdays and Saturdays. On every Wednesday, class XII were guided to participate in Group Discussion. There were six groups divided on the basis of six houses with about 12 members in each. The House Masters monitored the progress of the discussion sessions for about 30 minutes during morning hours. The topics like “Countering the Terror Challenge from Pak”, “Demonetisation- Government Pushes for Cashless and Card Based Economy.” were discussed.

In addition to Public Speaking in the morning assemblies and extempore practices, class XI students also made power point presentations. They presented photos and videos and educated the audience on topics like Partition of India, Arab Israel Conflict, Digital India, Cyber Crime & Internet Security, Demonetisation, Alternative Fuels and Robotics in Defence Applications.

Motivational speaker and transformational trainer Mr Rajendar Jain of Sarvatra, Bengaluru, conducted interacted with the Cadets. Squadron Leader Jayasimha conducted speed reading, speed maths, memory retention and personality development workshop for two days. Tololing hero, accomplished Ajeet Col MB Ravindranath, VrC, inspired the young cadets and referred to the sequence of events in capturing ‘Barbad Bunker’ near point 4590 in June 1999.
Major Varun Rao of 14 grenadiers gave a moving account of adventurous life of men in uniform in Siachen Glacier.
Thus, the NDA Motivation & Public Speaking Club was on the go throughout the academic year.

Mathematics Club

Mathematics club aims to introduce mathematics in a creative and innovative way. It helps the students to explore hidden potential in the subject. Students become confident in using mathematics to analyse and solve problems in school and in real-life situations. The cadets of this club enthusiastically prepared models of

  1. Algebraic identities (a+b)3 and (a-b)3
  2. Magic squares
  3. Angle subtended by an arc theorem
  4. Tangents of circle
  5. Area of circle by using area of triangle formula
  6. Archimedes proof of area of circle
  7. Multiplication of 2-digits numbers by sticks
  8. Ellipse model

By making models, students develop group ethics. At the end of course, students are able to communicate mathematical ideas with reasoning.

Innovation And Robotics Club

Innovation and robotics club of our school emphasizes on creative and analytical aspects of blooms Taxonomy which are generally missing in “teaching and learning” process within the four walls of the classroom. Experience in collaborative learning, use of information and technology and hands on experience of using advanced electronic gadgets is provided to the cadets of this club. This club has undertaken many activities like making solar panels, making of objects sensing and smoke sensing robots, stick for blind people using ultrasound sensors and many other projects with the support of school administration and the Ajeets to facilitate the concept of “learning by doing” and “peer to peer learning”. This club has certainly brought the higher order thinking skills of the cadets to level of application in daily life and thus by doing so it has left no stone unturned to achieve its objective of collaborative learning and learning by doing.

Philately club

“ I will succeed,
Not immediately,
But definitely,”
[A philatelist never off duty]
This club aims to encourage cadets in the field of philately, which is also known as ‘ The king of Hobbies’. It provides information about philatelic things such as first day covers, broachers’ , post cards and stamps . Along with information the club enriches the cadets with a good general knowledge , as stamps are based on particular theme. These cadets also took part in many exhibition s where they could show case there collection . this increases their confidence confidence and fills them with pride . the exhibits also included post cards, stamps, charts on themes of December, foreign currencies. Philately includes numismatics and provides a number of self learning instances . It is now a hobby which has spread overseas. Totally philately is not just a mere club of collecting stamps but a hobby for enriching the knowledge.

Quiz Club

There is no doubt that learning through enquiry had made the talents multi-fold. Quiz club has always been attracted by the young minds which disillusions the shyness, rigidness and brings out the potential for better learning outcomes. Be it a thorough introspection of their knowledge pertaining to various fields or to work in teams where cohesion and togetherness is challenged. The gains acquired are immense and the suggestive lesson adds to the existing knowledge of the cadets.The quiz club comprising 52 cadets from class VII to X. During club hours, the usual formats of quiz like online quiz, PPT, offline quiz are conducted. The various fields involve current affairs, history, international organisations, logos, science, sports, etc. Also the cadets have shown their mettle in interschool, Interzonal, and state level quiz competitions conducted by various reputed agencies. Cdt Prajwal and Cdt Nitish won gold medal in interschool quiz competition conducted by Daffodils school, Bijapur. The participation in the state level quiz conducted by the times group and The Hindu adds feather to their achievements.


Music is a wonderful art form. Everyone enjoys music, either by listening to it, singing or playing an instrument. Music gives us joy and happiness. It relieves stress. The cadets are taught singing and how to play various musical instruments like harmonium, table, Congo, guitar, keyboard etc. Musical training helps to develop language and reasoning. The math involved in playing music keeps the brain active and growing. It helps improve the memory too. Music helps in fine tuning of the auditory skills and in creative thinking. Every special occasion in the school begins with the song presented by the cadets of this club. These cadets are taught to play various musical instruments and this helps them in building pride and confidence. The members of this club play a key role in all the function of the school including the annual day celebrations, where they put up a grand show. The cadets of this club are trained to sing so well that they are always ready to participate in any singing competition.

Photography Club

Photography club in Sainik School Bijapur is a hobby as well as well as a learning club. This club comprises six cadets. These cadets learn a lot about photography, photo editing etc. they use the camera with vision to produce images which are exciting , valuable, cherishable and historic. The photography club teaches the cadets new skills. They are imaginative and creative in displaying the photos during the exhibitions. They could unleash their potential and skills whenever they took photographs of various activities of the school the cadets were exposed to the theory of photography along with practical knowledge. They were made familiar with shooting outdoors, night photography, indoor photography and clicking portraits. The photos were selected and printed in a studio and were later distrubuted among the cadets thus the cadets got to know about the importance of the skills of photography.


This club helps the cadets to improve upon their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The members of this club are taught to be fluent and confident speakers, thus enhancing their speaking skills and confidence.
Here the cadets are encouraged to inculcate good reading habits. They are encouraged to read stories, articles, newspapers, poems…etc. The members of this club are encouraged to read short stories/plays/dramas and perform the same on the stage with great enthusiasm. The cadets are divided into small groups, each group is given a topic for discussion and every member of the group actively participates in it. This club is a helping hand for the cadets who are not much exposed to the English language in their primary education. The cadets are groomed in the art of public speaking which is considered to be the king of all skills. This club persuades the cadets to read good book/novels and give a book review. This also helps the cadets to prepare for various inter-house competitions wherein they come out with flying colours.

The main aim of this club is to teach the cadets the skills of dramatics and kannada literature. This club comprises 90 cadets who wish to become dramatists and writers in the future. They are being encouraged to excel in the field of kannada and become great artists. These cadets are often given a platform to enact a role and to involve in the character. These practice sessions help them to enhance their confidence.

Plays related to human, tragedy, Vedic ages, mythology and other genres are shown to the cadets in the form of videos so that they learn the skills of acting. These cadets enacted the Kannada version of famous Shakespeare play “Macbeth” on the annual day function and were applauded for their extraordinary and enthusiastic performance.

Horticulture Club
Members of the Horticulture Club are the ones who get to take a keen interest in the affairs of the school orchard. They learn about soils, climate and watering conditions suitable for growing particular horticulture crops ,grafting, cropping, drip irrigation, crop protection, natural we decides, pesticides, maturing cycles and the right time to harvest. They often get to eat the fruit of their labors too.

Dramatics Club
The Dramatics Club encourages its members to look at the world of other people through dramatic characters and learn empathy, after all one cannot enter the mind of another except through empathy. Club members get to speak dialogues and do roles in short skits, one-act plays and full-fledged drama. The ones who are especially skilled in drama are trained in the skills of theater and they in turn take part and assist in the production of plays that are staged at the annual inter-house drama contest.

Aero/ ship modeling Club
The Aero/Ship Modeling Club focuses on the principles of aero and fluid dynamics as they work in reality (without going into the deeper physical aspects of science). Cadet members interested in flying and floating objects learn to build working models of aircraft and seafaring vessels. And because the school is a preparatory ground for future soldiers, members of the club get to know the design intricacies of fighter planes, submarines and warships.

English elocution Club
One has it – the gift of the gab – or one doesn’t; in which case one learns it. The English Elocution Club trains its members in the art and craft of verbal communication. Members of the club learn the various stages of communication – introduction, body and conclusion – and the skill of using the right words and right emphases to get the message across powerfully.

Horticulture Club
Members of the Horticulture Club are the ones who get to take a keen interest in the affairs of the school orchard. They learn about soils, climate and watering conditions suitable for growing particular horticulture crops ,grafting, cropping, drip irrigation, crop protection, natural we decides, pesticides, maturing cycles and the right time to harvest. They often get to eat the fruit of their labors too.