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The Chalukyans of Badami ruled by king Pulkeshi  for more than two century. The capital of Chalukyans is Vatapi the present Badami. It was the first dynasty to establish its name and fame throughout India after defeating king Harshavardan, the north Indian overload. Their Architecture reached its highest peek under the Chalukyans. The monuments and temples at Aihole, Badami and Pattadkal speak eloquently of the glory and grandeur of the Chalukyans. The Chalukyan rulers were Hindus but they were tolerant towards the Buddhists and Jains. They built a strong navy and developed some spots encouraging trade with Arabia and Persia.

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House Report:

Humility in heart and honesty of purpose are two most significant hall marks of chalukya house. Our cadets rose to occasion at different times and put in their best for the glory of the house.

As the saying goes “well begun is half done”, we maroons started the year with a bang by winning hockey and football trophies in senior and junior categories respectively. Mighties also kept their standards high by achieving glory in numerous events like English and Hindi calligraphy and essay writing. We mighties conquered the podium by bagging 2nd position in Kannada debate, 3rd position in English debate and Hindi debate respectively.

As maroons are known for their sportsmanship. We have fourteen south zone players and the champion hockey team.  Cadet Basavaraj, the captain of the team was applauded for his performance even by the coaches of other schools.

We were runners up in cross country, aquatics and athletics, as records are meant to be broken. We broke the record of 20 x 25m Swimming Mass relay with the huge lead where others could not stand a chance. Cadet Himanshu also broke the shot put record of juniors.

Cadet Basavaraj has proved that he is second to none when it comes to stamina and energy. No one in the past fifty years of our school history and had made a hat-trick in cross country but it was too easy for Basavaraj to achieve this feat. He continued his supremacy even in athletics and bagged Karadi trophy.

We stood first in the wall magazine and PowerPoint presentation competition. We bagged the 1st position in the English extempore competition in which Cadet Guruprasad bagged the first position. He has made the house proud by making it into NDA. In the junior category we bagged the runners up in Athletics, English essay writing, and winners in football. Chalukya house has 12 star holders; Cadet Guruprasad is a triple golden star holder.

We are determined to do even better in the next academic session.