» Chairman’s Message

  1. Educational Institutions have got a huge responsibility for moulding the destiny of the nation by equipping the young minds with all desirable traits and values. This strengthens their character and personality and smoothens all aberrations so that children develop as responsible citizens of tomorrow. Sainik School Bijapur has a commendable track record of excellence in academics and achievements in all spheres. This school is bound to earn more laurels as years roll by.
  2. I am very proud to have been very closely associated with the Principal about the administration and the performance of the School in various activities, as Chairman, LBA. I am very happy to note that the School is doing extremely well in all the spheres. I would like to complement the Principal and his team of teachers for ensuring 100% pass percentage in Class XII as well as excellent performance in the Class X of this year.
  3. I am especially happy to note the excellent training atmosphere and facilities created in the School and the enormous efforts being put in to maintain various infrastructure facilities which are comparable to any reputed Public School in India. The high level of motivation and commitment among the Officers, Staff and Cadets which resulting in positive and upward growth of the school.
  4. Today, Sainik School Bijapur is heralded as the best Sainik School among all the Sainik Schools and is discussed as a ‘Role Model’ school for all other Sainik Schools in the country in terms of infrastructure.
  5. It is pertinent to note that the school has completing 54 years of glorious service and produced many high ranking Officers of Defence & civil services, besides many stalwarts in other fields such as Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs etc. I extend my best wishes to Officers, Staff and Cadets.