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  1. After the execution of Mohammed Gowan in 1481 A.D. The Bahamani Kingdom was split into five inde¬pendent Kingdoms and Bijapur was one of them.
  2. Yusuf Adilkhan who was the Governor of Bijapur declared his independence after the fall of the Bahamani Kingdom, took the title of ‘Shah’ and founded the Adilshahi dynasty in 1489 A.D.
  3. The Adilshahis ruled for about two centuries and their rule was remarkable with religious tolerance, artistic excellence and architectural glory. Bijapur, the capital city became prosperous with flourishing trade and commerce.
  4. The ‘Bijapur School’ of painting speaks of their artistic taste in literary field. Arabic and Persian languages were patronized by the Adilshahi rulers.
  5. The greatest contribution of Adilshahi was that of their architectural eminence reached during the reign of Ibrahim Adilshah II. The Gol Gumbaz which is the second largest dome in the World with its whispering gallery, along with Ibrahim Rouza, Jamia Masjid and other monuments of Bijapur are the standing testimony of their cultural eminence.

Logo & Motto:

“One team, One Spirit, One mission”.

House Administration:

House Report:

The supremacy of Sparta kingdom was achieved With “One team, One spirit, One mission”.  The zeal to “never give up” for these glorious Adils in this academic session took to the maximum amplitude.

With the leadership and comradeship of our proud house captain Cadet Vinayak, the year was with a single motto- “One for all, All the for one”. The Spartans glory started by winning the prestigious English debate competition. Cadet Prajwal and Cadet Pranav secured the 2nd and 3rd position in Hindi elocution. Cadet Ayub and Cadet Nisarga stood 2nd in Hindi debate and English elocution respectively. Cadet Karan secured 1st position in obstacle race, inter house art competition. His dominating character in creativity made the school to announce as the creative cadet of the year. Cadet Hariprasad came 1st in the English extempore competition, with his perfection in public speaking. We bagged 1st position in Hindi debate, 2nd in English elocution.

Our worthy school sports captain not only led the school in sports but also maintained the sports spirit of our house. As we experienced many ups and downs at the start, but we said ourselves that don’t stop when you tired, stop when you are finished we celebrated the victory of basketball and football tournament. Even the school’s south zone teams were led by two of our cadets. Totally we have contributed 9 key players to the south zone. Cadet Praveen and Cadet Nikhil represented our school in south zone quiz and debate competition respectively, which was conducted at Sainik school Kazhakootam. Cadet Amit participated in the all India Sainik schools mountaineering camp to Stok Kangri peak. Runner says “I am a runner not because I run fast but because I run far”, keeping this thought in mind Cadet Vishnu and Cadet Madan both bagged 2nd position in cross country race. In tug of war we pulled the rope to the final, we upheld the sportsmanship spirit by clinching the Shivakumar trophy consecutively for 3 years for the achievements of sports in the previous session.

We had a huge contribution from our juniors. They stood first in English handwriting, Kannada hand writing. As the saying goes “Drill is the Bedrock of Discipline”, we proved our mettle in the drill competition by bagging the first position. Cadet Srinivas of class VI stood first in both IMO and NSO .The brilliant and talented minds of the little champs made them to stand first in academics.

We have 12 star holders and 3 UPSC cleared cadets. We have trained our minds to win and only win no matter what because of this winning attitude we were adjudged as the cock house for the last academic session. We are the best public speakers, debaters, shooters, strikers, swimmers, runners, writers, all rounders and the list goes on because we give the top most priority to hard work and determination towards our goals when everyone waits for victory, victory waits for Spartans.

Cadet Vishnu HB was awarded as top scorer in southzone competition.