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  1. ‘The glory and rule of the Vijayanagar represents the era of a civilization, when the Spring and Summer of Indian Culture had been succeeded by a phase of civilization characterised by the rise of a new industrial system, an imperialism, and a city state with a highly urbanized civilisation.”
  2. The Vijayanagar Kingdom had a glorious history from 1336 to 1565 A.D. It was founded by Harihar Raya and Bukka Raya with its capital at Hastinapur of Hampi or Vijayanagar. During this period, it was ruled by three dynasties, viz., the Sangam Dynasty, the Saluva Dynasty and the Tuluva Dynasty.
  3. The Vijayanagar Kings patronized art and litera¬ture. Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada literature were encouraged by them. Krishnadeva Raya, the greatest of the Vijayanagar Kings was a great scholar himself in Telagu and his court was adomed with ‘Ashtadiggaja’ the eight eminent poets.
  4. The capital city Hampi was fabulously rich. The Persian traveller Abdul Razaak eulogised it in every glorious terms.
  5. The temples, decorated with paintings and sculp¬tures and other monuments in Hampi are the standing testimony of the grandeur and glory of the Vijayanagar Kingdom. It stood like bulwark of the conservation and preservation of the glorious culture of India and Hindu Dharma against the Muslim onslaught in the medieval India.
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