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Admission of Children of School Staff

Children of school staff - both boys and girls–are required as a rule to take the entrance examination and qualify for admission. Those qualifying have the option to be admitted as Day Scholars or as boarders on government scholarship, if they are entitled to it by way of their performance or other criteria.

Day scholars are required to pay the prescribed tuition fees as well as for textbooks, stationery, uniforms and other items.

Day scholars – and those who do not accept government awarded scholarship even if admitted as boarders –are not bound to appear in the NDA Examination.

Admission of children of school staff will be strictly on the basis of merit. Besides, they should fall within the prescribed age limit and should be medically fit.

Children of school staff who do not qualify in the entrance examination may be admitted as Day Scholars if found fit by the Admissions Committee.

The maximum number of children admissible per family of member of school staff is two. A third child may however be admitted as a Day Scholar in the Full Tuition Fee paying category. In the event that there are twins, they may be admitted in the same class in the same year. The total number of children of school staff admissible in school is not to exceed 8 percent of the total number of students in the school.

In admitting children of Defence personnel who have not attended a school- when the school is in session - the Principal will test the student’s abilities in determining the class to which the student can be admitted.

The class to which children studying in other recognized schools and belonging to this category may be admitted is decided on the basis of transfer certificates.

Mid-term admissions are restricted to Day Scholars only.

When a near relative of an officer or employee of the school plans to take the Entrance Examination, the officer or employee is required to inform the Principal about it in writing well before the examination.

Day scholars are required to pay the prescribed tuition fees only for the periods their names are on the school register.

(i) Concessional rates up to two children:
Sl.No Details Rates
(a) For those, whose parents belong to Group ‘A’ and ‘B’ services Rs 300 p.m.
(b) For those, whose parents belong to Group ‘C’ services Rs 200 p.m.
(c) For those, whose parents belong to Group ‘D’ services Rs 100 p.m.

(ii) Fees in respect of third child
The parents will deposit the following amount in respect of their children (3rd Day Scholar) studying in Sainik School:
Sl No Item Amount (Rs)
(a) Tuition Fees per student per annum Rs 20,000/-
(b) Annual Clothing Charge
(i) Class VI/IX (newly admitted students) Rs 1,500/-
(ii) All other students Rs. 750/-
(c) Books & Stationery On payment basis

(iii) Day Scholar : Fee waiver for single girl child:

There is complete fee waiver in the case of a single child who is a girl.

In the case of two children where both are girls, there is a 50 percent concession in tuition fees from class VI to XII.

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