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A Great Beginning in 1963

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The school has a part time Medical Officer. Medical Officer is assisted by a qualified Nursing Assistant. Medical treatment is free except where expensive drugs and tonics are prescribed. The School has eight bedded Medical Unit and a four bedded Isolation Ward. In the case of serious illness, boys are transferred to the Government Civil Hospital. Cases of serious illness are reported to the parents immediately. Boys have regid Medical examination on arrival and are given essential prophylactic treatment as required. Medical History Cards are maintained for each boy and their general health and growth is monitered regularly. Annual Medical Examination of all the cadets is carried out at the end of the academic year. Suspected cases of Medical unfitness for entry into NDA / Armed Forces are referred to the Command Hospital, Air Force, Agram, Bangalore for Specialist’s opinion. In case a cadet is declared unfit, he is withdrawn from the school.

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