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Our School Infrastructure

A Great Beginning in 1963

Labs :

SSBJ has well equipped laboratories for the conduct of practical lessons in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

Besides the subject laboratories, there is an Information Technology (IT) Lab, a Cyber Bay where students can access the computer, a Social Sciences Lab and a Language Lab.

IT Lab:
IT lab equipped with latest gadgets having internet facilities which can accommodate 40 students. The training activities for students of Class XI & XII are conducted here.
Language Lab:
Language Lab is equipped with latest software for enabling students to have excellent communication skills in English language. It has 30 cubicles having independent computer system with headphones.
Chemistry Lab is well-equipped having more than 200 chemicals and a large number of apparatus for experimentation. It also contains static models of atomic structure to explain structure of atoms and compounds.

Biology lab is the most eye-catching lab having a large collection of preserved specimen of various species. It also houses several models made by students.
Cyber Bay:
Cyber Bay is utilized for students from class VI-X for acquainting them computer fundamentals and basic operations and computer components.
Maths Lab contains several models to explain several mathematical theorems and concepts of 3D geometry.
Physics Lab:
The Physics Lab is equipped with a variety of measuring instruments, a telescope and an LCD projector. Experiments prescribed in the CBSE syllabus are conducted in the lab for cadets of Classes IX, X, XI and XII. The lab also encourages students to build working models that illustrate various laws of physics.
Social Science:
The Social Science Lab exudes a museum-like atmosphere housing a collection of maps of political, geographical and historical importance and belonging to different historical epochs. The computers in the lab are loaded with a number of innovative software to help make learning easier and interesting.
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