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  1. The glory and rule of the Hoysalas which spread over a period of more than three centuries forms the brightest chapter in the history of medieval Kamataka. The Hoysalas began their rule a.s the feudatories of the Chalukyas of Kalyan. When their power was on the decline, Hoysalas as¬serted their independence and established their su¬premacy over Karnataka.
  2. Nripakama was the founder of the Hoysala dynasty. He is identified with ‘Sala’ from whom the dy¬nasty derived its name. The dynasty produced illustrious monarchs like Vishnuvardhana, and Vir Ballala II who by their military exploits increased the power and prestige of the dynasty.
  3. The Hoysala period was known for great religious activity in Karnataka. The Great Vaishnava teacher, Ramanuja found refuge in the Hoysala Kingdom. Jainism was in a flourishing tondition.
  4. The benevolent and cultured Hoysala rulers encouraged Kannada and Sanskrit literature.
  5. Their rule was remarkably admirable in the his¬tory of Indian art and they gave the name to their style of architecture - ’The Hoysala Style’. The temples of Belur, Halebid and Somanathapura are the standing testimony of their artistic excellence and architectural skills of their sculptors.
  6. Thus, the period of Hoysalas constitutes the glorious epochs in the history of Karnataka.
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