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a) Tuition Fees :- Rs.52, 345.00 per year per student with effect from academic session 2011-2012.
b) Diet Money :- Rs.20650 .00 per year per student with effect from academic session 2013-2014.

Tuition Fees and Diet money are to be paid in advance - on the First Day of June of every year. Tuition Fees and Diet money are liable to be increased yearly as per directions of the Sainik Schools Society Parents are required to pay the increased tuition fees and diet money for the period that the increased fees become applicable till the student completes his education at the school.

Parents of Full Scholarship holding students and Part Scholarship holding students are required to remit the differential amount of tuition fees and diet money according to prescribed rules.

Parents of Defence Scholarship holding students are required to remit differential amount of fees and diet money in full.

All payments are to be made by Demand Drafts drawn in favor of Principal, Sainik School, Bijapur and payable at State Bank of India, Sainik School Campus, Bijapur.

The Board of Governors of the Sainik Schools Society reserves the right to revise tuition fees and diet money from time to time.

Fees Payable by Parents on 1st June every year (applicable to academic session 2013-2014)

Full scholarship Tuition fees Rs. 27345/-
Diet money Rs. 6337/-
3/4th scholarship Tuition fees Rs. 33595/-
Diet money Rs. 8181/-
Half scholarship Tuition fees Rs. 39845/-
Diet money Rs. 10024/- +Clothing chars
1/4th scholarship Tuition fees Rs. 46095/-
Diet money Rs. 11868/- + Clothing chars


Clothing charges of Rs.1, 500.00are collected at the time of admission from students enjoying 1/2 and 1/4th Scholarships and Defence Scholarship as well as from students who are Full Fee Payee. Charges amounting to Rs.750.00 are collected per student per year for the subsequent years.

A list of clothing and other necessaries are provided in advance to students before the joining date (details are provided in Appendix “A”).

A refundable Caution Money Deposit is collected from the students at the time of joining. This varies from Rs.3000.00 for students admitted in the General and Defence categories to Rs.1500 for students admitted under the category of SC/ST. The deposit is returned at the time the student leaves the school after deducting outstanding dues, if any.

Parents and Guardians are required to deposit a sum of Rs.3500.00 at the beginning of each year to meet expenditure relating to:
  • Toilet, Postage, Cinema and other entertainment.
  • Educational Trips / Hikes / Excursions.
  • Hair Cuts.
  • Breakages and losses due to wilful negligence on the part of the boy.
  • Journey expenditure for onward journey during vacations.
  • Any other charges of private nature to overcome inconvenience to the boy.
  • Expenditure as directed by the Principal.
50% Parents are to replenish the deposit by Demand Draft preferably on the State Bank of India, Sainik School Campus, Bijapur before 1st June of each year.


The Government of Karnataka has instituted merit and merit-cum-means scholarships to deserving students domiciled in the state.

The Central Government and the Ministry of Defence grant scholarships to boys from Union Territories as well as children of employees in the armed services as well as ex-Servicemen up to the rank of Junior Commissioned Officer and other ranks (and their rank equivalents in the Navy and Air Force).

Details regarding the scholarships and eligibility criteria are given in Appendix B.


Irrespective of the category in which a student is admitted and the income of their parents, the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, has been making an assistance grant of approximately Rs. 16,097.00 per student per year. Thus the parents liability towards tuition fee will decreased to the tune of said amount.

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