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Our School Infrastructure

A Great Beginning in 1963

clubs :
  • Astronomy (Srs)
  • Aero/ ship modeling
  • Computer
  • Nature study
  • Science (Srs)
  • Maths (Srs)
  • Astronomy (Jrs)
  • Personality Development & Philately
  • Music & School Band
  • Quiz
  • GK and Current affairs
  • Photography
  • English Elocution
  • Story Writing & Literary
  • Aero /ship Modeling (Jrs)
  • Journalism
  • Chess
  • Parliament
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Dramatics
  • Maths (Jrs)
  • Quiz
  • Science (Jrs)
  • Nature Study (Jrs)
  • Math Magic
  • Library & reading
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Commentators
  • Games
  • Yoga
  • Horticulture

Music Club
The Music Club is where melody flows. The club is humming with activity throughout the academic year and singers are trained for solo and group performances. There is a continual demand for singers from the club to underscore important school functions. Members of the club have the opportunity to learn singing and play a musical instrument – tabla, harmonium, keyboard and the Congo drum.
Nature Club
The Nature Club teaches its members the delicate balance of ecosystems in nature and the role of each of us in nurturing them. Members of the club also play the role of gardeners, planting the saplings across the campus and keeping the environment clean and conducive to the growth of greenery.
Journalism Club
The Journalism Club the creative genius of club members who are encouraged to record and communicate, in appropriate and attractive language, their findings and observations. The members are involved in interesting debate on issues of current interest and write articles for a bulletin that is both read out to a selected audience and printed and displayed on the school display board.
Astronomy Club
Members of the Astronomy Club watch the night sky with a high-powered long-range telescope. They are the ones first to report and enlighten the more mundane among the student body about rare celestial phenomena. They also keep notes about their observations and discuss their findings with other members. Sky, indeed, is their limit.
Art Club
The junior cadets of the school flock to the Art Club like no other. This is where they are exposed to the rich and variegated world of visual arts from all over the country and the world. This is where they find canvas for the expression of their creative urge. The school has a ready and much-visited gallery for the display of works done by the members of the club. One finds the paintings and sketches of artists displayed in school.
Readers’ Club
Avid readers congregate at the Readers Club to share the excitement they experienced while reading their latest borrowal from the school library and review them. The librarian works overtime to make available to the word-hungry members of this club new books and periodicals, covering many genres including novel, short story, poetry and drama. Some members swear by non-fiction.
Quiz Club
At the Quiz Club the focus is on general knowledge and creativity. A member of this club has no clue from which domain of knowledge the next question will pop out. So he will have to keep scouring the books from all disciplines and read up on current affairs from newspapers and periodicals. The Club master hones member’s question answering skills by increasing their general knowledge through random quiz sessions, brainstorming sessions and discussions.
Science Club
The Science Club looks at the world as a connected whole, cutting across subject boundaries. Here the members are exposed to scientific phenomena in the real world and are expected to explain them at discussion groups within the club. Members also get to build working models and prepare charts to illustrate how the world works. The thrust is towards developing scientific temper and spirit of rational inquiry
Maths Club
The Maths Club members get to experience the many dimensionalities of mathematics in the real world. They also get to inquire into the many ways of abstracting the quantitative from the qualitative world of phenomena; of the algebraic from the geometrical.
Photography Club
Members of the Photography Club get to capture still moments of the world on digital film. They are taught the use of the camera and trained to act as student photo-videographers at school events.
Math Magic Club
The Math Magic Club gets to look at some tricky ways to help members speed up their mathematical calculations. Members learn simple algorithms, including Vedic Mathematical threads, to do complex calculations quickly and – miraculously!
Yoga Club
The Yoga Club dwells on ways to integrate body and mind through physical postures – asana - and breath control – pranayama. The ideal of the Yoga Club is sound mind in sound body.
Dramatics Club
The Dramatics Club encourages its members to look at the world of other people through dramatic characters and learn empathy, after all one cannot enter the mind of another except through empathy. Club members get to speak dialogues and do roles in short skits, one-act plays and full-fledged drama. The ones who are especially skilled in drama are trained in the skills of theatre and they in turn take part and assist in the production of plays that are staged at the annual inter-house drama contest.
Philately Club
The Philately Club believes that the history of a country is imprinted in the postal stamps issued by the authorities of the country to mark important events. Members of the club get to learn about the events, places and people of a country through study of stamps. The mentors of the club bring in auxiliary information to give the members a well-rounded knowledge of history. Members also get to design stamps – and thereby get deeper into cross-section of culture and history. They are also encouraged to participate in the design competitions and philately exhibitions.
GK and Current affairs Club
The GK and Current Affairs Club updates the knowledge and information base of its members – of recent events and people. The resources placed at the disposal of the members are newspapers, periodicals and almanacs – and information on current topics as gleaned by the members is continually tested through discussions and question and answer sessions.
Health & Hygiene Club
The Health and Hygiene Club is an awareness club. Members of the club get to learn about the importance of personal hygiene in maintaining good physical and mental health. They are also made aware of the need to keep their environment clean through hands-on shramadan activities.
Aero/ ship modeling Club
The Aero/Ship Modeling Club focuses on the principles of aero and fluid dynamics as they work in reality (without going into the deeper physical aspects of science). Cadet members interested in flying and floating objects learn to build working models of aircraft and seafaring vessels. And because the school is a preparatory ground for future soldiers, members of the club get to know the design intricacies of fighter planes, submarines and warships.
Computer Club
The Computer Club welcomes future geeks and nerds who get a little deeper - a little earlier – into the fundamentals of computers and computer-based gadgets and applications of computer science in everyday life.
English elocution Club
One has it – the gift of the gab – or one doesn’t; in which case one learns it. The English Elocution Club trains its members in the art and craft of verbal communication. Members of the club learn the various stages of communication – introduction, body and conclusion – and the skill of using the right words and right emphases to get the message across powerfully.
Story writing & literary Club
One may not be a good speaker but one can learn to get across beautifully through the written word. And the written word has a longer shelf life. Members of the Story Writing and Literary Club get to take a deeper peek into the world of narrative – how does one create meaning out of a single event – a chance meeting with a stranger, non-arrival of an email or something as inanely routine as an undelivered newspaper? How does one tell a stimulating tale based on a casual trek in the nearby woods? Members learn the art and craft of story writing and of article writing. They read out the stories that they write and some of those tales get into print - in the school journal, perhaps.
Chess Club
How many future moves can one imagine at a chess board? The Chess Club tells its members that the best chess players perhaps don’t imagine more than a few moves into the future at a time. Student members get to appreciate this fact only when they sit in front of a board of 64 squares. The game of chess allows the players to invoke routines in the brain that help in logical problem solving and visualization of future scenarios, a strong life skill.
Parliament Club
The Parliament Club – usually not used with the article ‘the’ – allows members to appreciate the legislative power of parliament. Club members get an opportunity to mimic members of Parliament and in the process understand the different viewpoints that get to be heard and considered before important legislation is passed.
Commentators Club
Commentators Club mentors its student members in the art of keen observation, presence of mind and the skill of describing an event as it is unfolding before one’s eyes. These cadet members also get an opportunity to act as masters of ceremony, presenters and announcers at school events, and get to offer running commentary of matches and tournaments.
Horticulture Club
Members of the Horticulture Club are the ones who get to take a keen interest in the affairs of the school orchard. They learn about soils, climate and watering conditions suitable for growing particular horticulture crops ,grafting, cropping, drip irrigation, crop protection, natural weedicides, pesticides, maturing cycles and the right time to harvest. They often get to eat the fruit of their labors too.
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