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  1. The memorable rule of the Chalukyas of Vatapy, the present Badami, constitutes a brilliant epoch in the history of Karnataka in particular and Indian history in general. It was the first Karnataka dynasty to establish its name and fame throughout India. It is believed that the fame of the Chalukyas had spread as far as Persia during the reign of Pulkeshi, who defeated Harshavardhana, the North Indian Overlord.
  2. The hands of the Chalukyan Kings were not found wanting in any aspect of culture. The Chalukya rulers were Hindus but they were tolerant towards the Bud¬dhists and the Jains. They built a powerful navy and developed some sports encouraging trade with Arabia and Persia.
  3. Architecture reached its highest water mark un¬der the Chalukyas. The monuments and temples at Aihole, Badami and Pattadkal speak eloquently of the glory and grandeur of the Chalukyas.
  4. The Chalukyans of Badami ruled with their capi¬tal at Vatapi for a little more than two centuries. After an eclipse of two centuries, the Chalukyas revived their political power and ruled from Kalyan for a couple of centuries, after the decline of the rule of the Rashtrakutas.
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