Celebrating Glorious 50 Years

Our School Infrastructure

A Great Beginning in 1963


SainikSchools were the result of a joint initiative launched in 1961 by the Union Ministry of Defence and respective state governments. It was an initiative whose primary aim was to prepare boys for anofficer’s career in the Indian armed forces.

SAINIK SCHOOL BIJAPUR (SSBJ) began functioning in temporary shelters on September 16, 1963. Thirteenth in the series of sainik schools set up across the country, SSBJ was sheltered in a small corner of Vijaya College in Bijapur.

The management of Vijaya College lent the school a section of its building where the morning assembly, the library and theclassrooms were housed. Located in an L-shaped structure adjacent to the main college were the living quarters, including the dormitories and the medical inspection room. Rooms had been built along each limb of the structure on raised plinths with a long corridor running in front. The corridor overlooked a large quadrangle that was bounded on the two remaining sides with nondescript brickworks and the like.

Three large sized tents had been erected in the courtyard to provide supplementary working space. One of the tents served as the mess; and the others acted as temporary classrooms for the higher graders.

The school moved to its present permanent and spacious campus in the month of November 1966. Dr. ZakirHussain, Vice President of India, declared the school campus formally open on December 17, 1966.

Initially offering the secondary school leaving certificate at completion of course, SSBJ now offers the CBSE syllabus of study. It is also a member of the IPSC .

AjeetHain, AbheetHain

In order to inculcate a sense of purpose and dedication in the students, the management of the school identified the Ganda-Bherunda, a mythical two-headed eagle-like bird with a crest on each head, as the school emblem. It had been the official ensign of the Wodeyar kings of Mysore and later became the insignia of the government of Karnataka State as well. The Ganda-Bherunda stands for enormous, righteous power, dharma, courage, truth and generosity.

The school adopted its emblem in 1964. The school crest features a Red Lotus symbolizing wisdom, a Lamp standing for knowledge and enlightenment, and Ripe Ear of Corn, for plenitude. The mythical bird occupies central position. Girding it in an arc at the bottom are the words ‘AJEET HAINABHEET HAIN'. The words invoke the spirit of being unconquerable and fearless in the face of the odds that an individual is likely to face in the service of the nation, as a soldier or as a civilian.

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