Celebrating Glorious 50 Years

Our School Infrastructure

A Great Beginning in 1963

Play Grounds :

Basket Ball :
The school has two basketball courts. One of them is decoturf court of international standards. Floodlight basketball matches are conducted on this court. The court also has spectator’s gallery.

Hockey :
There are three hockey fields in the campus. The hockey fields are also being used to conduct district level tournaments. Cadets practice on these fields every day in the morning as well as in the evening. The school hockey team has retained its supremacy among all Sainik schools for a number of years.

Foot ball :
The school has four playfields for playing football. They have well-maintained and leveled. The football grounds have spectators’ gallery. District Football Association holds conducts regular training sessions and matches on the playfields.

Volley ball :
There are six volleyball courts in the campus. The courts have been specially provided with smooth soil for easy movement. Special coaching is provided to cadets by coaches from Sports Authority of India and other organisations.

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