Celebrating Glorious 50 Years

Our School Infrastructure

A Great Beginning in 1963


In accordance with the primary aim of all the Sainik schools, SSBJ seeks to prepare boys academically, physically and mentally for entry into the National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla (Pune).

The initial belief among those responsible for setting up the sainik schools was that by setting them in various states of the country, it would be possible to minimize regional imbalance in the proportion of officers entering the armed forces.

Such schools, the planners believed, would offer good, value-centered and balanced education which would help nurture love for the country and a spirit of service in the future citizens passing out through the portals of these schools. Building of character, body, mind and spirit was the principal aim.

The planners also hoped to attract talented boys from a wide swath of the countryside and from among communities relegated in history to relative obscurity, and whose parents belonged to the economically disadvantaged brackets. In other words, to bring public school education within reach of the common citizens of the country.

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