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cadet house: adilshahi

  1. After the execution of Mohammed Gowan in 1481 A.D. The Bahamani Kingdom was split into five inde¬pendent Kingdoms and Bijapur was one of them.
  2. Yusuf Adilkhan who was the Governor of Bijapur declared his independence after the fall of the Bahamani Kingdom, took the title of ‘Shah’ and founded the Adilshahi dynasty in 1489 A.D.
  3. The Adilshahis ruled for about two centuries and their rule was remarkable with religious tolerance, artis¬tic excellence and architectural glory. Bijapur, the capital city became prosperous with flourishing trade and commerce.
  4. The ‘Bijapur School’ of painting speaks of their artistic taste in literary field. Arabic and Persian languages were patronized by the Adilshahi rulers.
  5. The greatest contribution of Adilshahi was that of their architectural eminence reached during the reign of Ibrahim Adilshah II. The Gol Gumbaz which is the second largest dome in the World with its whispering gallery, along with Ibrahim Rouza, Jamia Masjid and other monuments of Bijapur are the standing testimony of their cultural eminence.
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